4th.ai joined project YAOKI as a technical partner

Project YAOKI signed a technology partnership agreement with 4th.ai, an automatic driving technology company.

4th.ai will work on exploration of unexplored peaks and 3D mapping of the Moon’s surface using its expertise in automated operation and simulation technologies.

For more details, please see the press release below.

4th.ai, an automated driving technology company, signs a technology partnership agreement with Dymon, the developer of YAOKI, a lunar rover
~Aiming to Demonstrate Autonomous Driving Technology for Exploration of Unexplored Peaks on the Moon~.



Azusa Sato
Apparel Designer Creator
I want to be the first Japanese space suit designer. I happened to watch Mr. Nakajima introduce YAOKI on TV a few years ago, and came across his lecture at the 2021 Cosmo girl's online event, and that time! I was secretly impressed. After that, I was able to help out at Dymon and show up at workshops, events, etc.

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