Japanese Lunar Rover YAOKI

Lunar Rover “YAOKI”

YAOKI is the lunar rover that will contribute to lunar development. It is the smallest, lightweight, and high-strength rover that will be sent to the Moon several times in a short period of time. YAOKI will lead the Moon development steadily forward, realizing the world’s first commercial lunar exploration in 2023.


Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.


YAOKI only weighs 498g.
※Transportation to the Moon costs $1.2 million per kilogram


Withstands impacts of 100G and can be thrown into caves for exploration.

Never give up

Designed to keep running even if he falls over.

What’s the meaning of YAOKI ?

YAOKI comes from the Japanese proverb “Nanakorobi Yaoki”.
This word means “to get back up again and again, no matter how many times you fail”.
And, as the proverb goes, YAOKI is designed to rise no matter how many times it fall.

What YAOKI will achieve

in 2023
Be the world’s first commercial rover for lunar exploration.

YAOKI will be the first Japanese rover to participate in NASA’s lunar transportation mission, “CLPS”. will fly to the lunar south pole onboard Intuitive Machines’ Nova-C lunar lander in the second half of 2023. 

in 2024
Cooperate with the Artemis Project

As a forerunner in NASA’s lunar development project, the Artemis Project, YAOKI, with its light footwork, aims to contribute to the field of mobility systems.

in 2030
Construct a lunar base.

YAOKI aims to play a supporting role in the construction of a lunar base that will begin around 2028. Imagine the future with a large number of YAOKI working on the Moon.

We want to lead the dawn of space development

The global market expansion

The global market for the entire space industry is currently estimated at $366 billion, but it is predicted to grow to $700 billion by 2030 and nearly $3 trillion by 2050.

In this new field, YAOKI will be the first to demonstrate its solid mobility technology, and will be able to accomplish major tasks on a global scale.


Accelerating lunar development

NASA’s Artemis program aims to land a man on the Moon in 2024, and to begin construction of a lunar base by 2028.

With the largest budget ever proposed and the participation of JAXA and the European Space Agency, we humans have begun to take on a grand mission that will surpass the Apollo program.

YAOKI is also about to take up the challenge of this great project.

YAOKI: Challenges on the Moon

From now on, the global challenge to space will begin again.
In times like these, we need robots that make full use of our technology.

YAOKI, a lunar rover, will be the forerunner of such robots, working on the lunar surface.
And the ultimate mobility technology evolved by YAOKI will lead humanity’s challenge to success.

What kind of world will the Moon society be?
Let’s make a new history together.


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