We would like to introduce some of the companies supporting “Project YAOKI,”

The world’s smallest and lightest lunar rover “YAOKI” which aims for the Moon.

We are challenging the frontiers of lunar development, without fear of failure, in order to create a prosperous future!

Partner Companies

Nihon Unist

A real estate venture company that has been in business for 10 years, developing hotels and commercial facilities mainly in the Kansai region under the management philosophy of “contributing to society by providing high value-added real estate.


Established by Toshin Seisakusho Co., Ltd. to support STARTUP They support all the elements necessary for commercialization based on production technology.


Pixies service products are based on three cores. businesses: Promotion, Architecting, and Graphics.


Uchida Corporation is a company that contributes to the world with its composite molding technology. their cutting-edge carbon (CFRP) molding contributes to “weight reduction” of products in various fields around the world.

Kokko Shisetsu Kogyo Co.,Ltd

97years of history as an electrical construction company headquartered in Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo. they want to be an “evolving company” that is still adventurous even after 100 years, rather than a “long-established company” that has been in business for 100 years.

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation provides a wide variety of products, from materials to functional products, to support the foundations of all industries and provide solutions that contribute to solving social issues.

Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance CO.,LTD

Tokyo Nichido Marine offers “safety and security” to its customers through a variety of insurance products and services. In the space field, we also support new challenges by providing insurance products and risk consulting services.

ENBU CO.,LTD. International Aerospace Parts SPACEAGENT

the goal is to convert our mold and parts processing technology to space and return innovative technology to the ground. they will gather challenging core technologies and disseminate private standard SPA to the world.


A manufacturer of metal parts for automobiles with history of 80 years in business.
it was also the setting of a TV drama.


Chuo Engineering will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2024 as a brain partner that walks together on the cutting edge of technology with its strength in one-stop services covering design development, analysis, and prototyping based on its top-class technological capabilities in Japan.


Punch Group is a mold component manufacturer founded in 1975. Its vision is to become the top brand in the industry and leverage automation for growth. Punch Group focuses on three key issues: expanding business, production, and R&D. The company aims to continue supporting the world’s manufacturing industry and enhance its management transparency and sustainability. It is guided by the “Punch Spirit” of challenge, creativity, and freedom.