Dymon, which develops the world’s smallest and lightest lunar rover “YAOKI”, announced the outline of “Project YAOKI” and its supporting companies.

Dymon will send the world’s smallest and lightest lunar rover “YAOKI” to the Moon in the fall of 2021 under a payload contract with Astrobotic in the United States. If this is realized, it will be the world’s first lunar exploration as a private company. In addition, Japan will be the fourth country to carry out lunar exploration after the United States, Russia and China.

This time, we announced the outline as “Project YAOKI”. In addition, in promoting this project, a total of 100 million yen has been received from Nihon Unist Inc., UNIT Co., Ltd., Pixies Inc., UCHIDA Co., Ltd., and Kokko Shisetsu Kogyo Co.,Ltd.. We announced that we are receiving sponsorship funds.

For details, please see the press release below. (Written in Japanese)